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Without reservations I have to say that these things are the "cat's meow!" (Best Mag Pouch)


I was thumbing through the "Concealed Carry" magazine that is put out by the USCCA and ran across an advertisement for these deep carry mag carriers (ExtraCarry Mag Pouches) and I had not seen them before.  I spent 32 years in active law enforcement (retired State Trooper), and I have continually attempted to perfect the art of EDC throughout my entire LE career and beyond.  The ultimate goal of this being that my EDC weapon(s) were not noticed.  I was immediately intrigued by these as I wear my EDC pistol in a belt holster, with an un-tucked shirt over it, and my goal has always been to present as little "printing" as possible.

"I have to say that these things are the "cat's meow!""
(Best Mag Pouch For Concealed Carry)
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