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 Product Review - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch - GunCollector007

Extracarry: Camouflage for your Spare Mag - Walther PPS - THE ARMS GUIDE March 27, 2017 19:16

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Radix Tactical - No Ramble Review - Extra Carry - ExtraCarry™ Mag Pouch Glock 22 and Glock 19 February 22, 2017 15:53

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Radix Tactical Glock 19 and Glock 22 ExtraCarry Mag Pouch Holder Review

Glock 19 ExtraCarry Concealed Carry Mag Pouch Review By Ray at the ArmoryBlog February 1, 2017 12:32

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ExtraCarry Mag Pouch review from Ray at ArmoryBlog on the Glock 19 Mag Holder Review

If you conceal carry a good holster is a must, also is a must is an equally good spare magazine carrier. Even if you’ve put in countless hours of training at the range chances are in a self defense scenario you might need a second magazine. Having a spare mag that’s easily accessible can mean life or death. I got the chance to review a mag carrier specifically designed for CCW use from the folks at Extra Carry.

  Glock 19 Magazine holder for concealed carry

Photo Credit: Extra Carry

The Extra Carry mag pouch is available for a lot of various firearms from Glocks, S&W, Kahr to the 1911. It features an ambidextrous design that allows the user to clip it in either the left or right pants pocket. Once clipped into your pocket it pretty much looks like a pocket knife. Because the mag pouch sits below the clip and deeper in your pocket the magazine isn’t really visible. 


Glock 19 Mag Holder | Glock 19 Mag Pouch | ExtraCarry Mag Pouch

It fits just as well in your left or right pocket. 


Glock Mag Holder | Glock Mag Pouch | Concealed Carry Mag Pouch | ExtraCarry

You can’t really tell it’s a mag carrier


ExtraCarry Mag Pouch review - You can't every see it's holding a Glock 19 Magazine

Once it’s time to draw the magazine out of the pouch the Extra Carry doesn’t ride up as you’re pulling the mag out which can happen with lots of other mag carriers, especially the ones that attach to your belt. 



Glock 19 ExtraCarry Mag Pouch |Glock 19 ExtraCarry Mag Holder

ExtraCarry Mag Pouch Glock 19 Magazine Holder

The Extra Carry is also very lightweight, a must when carrying a pistol, an extra mag and all your other everyday carry essentials.  I’ve been using the Extra Carry daily for the past few months and the clip mechanism hasn’t become loose after taking the mag carrier in and out of my pockets everyday. No one knew I was actually carrying a spare mag in my front pocket unless I specifically showed a few buddies at the range. So far I’ve been happy with the Extra Carry, the only downside I would note is the price point. At $55 it’s not a cheap accessory, but after using it for the past few months I can say it’s a small price to pay for having a spare mag ready at all times.

Final Thoughts 

  • Ambidextrous design
  • Light weight and very concealable 
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Available for many pistols on the market 

Having used the Extra Carry for the past few months I was satisfied with it’s performance. It was easy to use, light weight and very easy to conceal. If you’re looking for a good backup mag carrier when you conceal carry the Extra Carry is a worthy choice. While it’s not the cheapest option on the market I think investing in good quality gear is worth it. 

Check them out at  

Keith Tyler - Tyler Firearms Instruction - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch Review January 10, 2017 09:36


Author: By Keith Tyler -Tyler Firearms Instruction - USPSA Grand Master - Police Officer

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 Keith Tyler - 1911 Mag Pouch Review - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch

While at one our local practical pistol practice sessions about 8 months ago one of the shooters handed me a concealed carry magazine pouch made by ExtraCarry.  While talking with the gentlemen I realized he was the owner and designer of the product and he asked me to try it out.  I told him I would be happy to, but be advised, I am honest about likes and dislikes when I review a product.  He said that was what he was looking for!  

As you may have noticed there has been a long delay between receiving the magazine pouch the review being written, that’s because I like to really try stuff prior to writing about it.

 ExtraCarry Mag Pouch review from Keith Tyler 1911 Mag Holder Review       Keith Tyler Mag Holder Review - 1911 ExtraCarry Mag Pouch

As you can see from the above on the right, the magazine pouch appears to be a knife clipped to your pocket.  15 years ago only cops and firefighters were seen with “those” knifes.  Now is it common place to see people of all walks of life carrying a one hand opening “tactical” knife.  So this method of concealing your extra magazine in plain view works well. 

The magazine pouch is well built and durable.  The clip is stout and the plastic washers on either side of the screw that holds the clip keep it from backing out and becoming loose.  The metal clip that attaches the magazine carrier to your pants pocket is well designed.  It is very rigid and it will not bend from repeated use.  It has a bend near the top that will allow it to go over and around the thicker part of the pants seam.  Then once over the seam the metal clip bends back in to securely hold the magazine pouch in place.  Another thing worthy of noting is that the metal clip is designed to rotate 360 degrees, so when you place the magazine carrier into my pocket you, rotate the clip up and out of the way.  Once in the location you want it, simply rotate the metal retaining clip down and secure it in place.  On the long side of the body of the magazine pouch itself are two “Teeth”.  These ”teeth” help keep the magazine pouch in place while drawing the magazine out.  This little magazine pouch has been well thought out and designed to stay in the pocket and allow you to get the magazine out without the carrier coming with it. 

Keith Tyler - 1911 Mag Pouch Review locking clip - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch            Keith Tyler - 1911 Mag Pouch Review locking clip open - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch

How does it hold the magazine in place while you carry it you ask? The weight of the magazine resting in the pouch is all that is needed unless you are trying to ride a bike or go jogging.  I have worn the extra carry pouch for months.  I have been to ball games, work functions, and the park with the kids…..etc.  You get the idea.  I carry pretty much everywhere I go.  I have never felt the magazine was unsecure.  I have showed the pouch around to friend and colleagues that carry concealed.  The first thing most people say is, “not sure about how loose the mag fits in the pouch”.  It is a little loose.  Having said that, I believe it is perfect.  If it was any tighter, drawing the magazine out at the moment of truth, might not go well.  If the pouch comes with the magazine, that is a bad thing.  Making sure the pouch stays put is very important to me.

To draw the magazine out from this ExtraCarry conceal carry pouch takes a little practice but what doesn’t.  Once I figured out where to place my weak hand thumb to secure the inside edge of the magazine and my weak hand index finger, I simply lifted it out of my pocket.  One question I get is, “is it faster than a belt mounted mag pouch”?  For me, I would say no, it’s not.  But it is not much, if any, slower.  It is however much more comfortable to carry and is easier to draw out from under a zipped up jacket or tight clothing. 

After wearing the ExtraCarry concealed magazine pouch for 5 months, I have to say I like it.  It is well thought out and is comfortable to use.  (Here comes the honesty part), They are not inexpensive, they run $55 per unit which is a bit steep and will make many concealed carry folks pass on the item.  Please do yourselves a favor and take a look at this method of carrying a backup magazine.  The ease of use, quality and durability is worth the price. 

Carry A Spare XD Mag: Extra Carry Video Review | Geauga Firearms Academy January 2, 2017 15:53

Geauga Firearms Academy recently release a video review of the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch.

Neil (Head Instructor) says - "I definitely  recommend the ExtraCarry".

Product Reviewed: Springfield XD Mag Pouch from ExtraCarry

Here is the link to the Video: Check it out here.

Author: Neil - Head Instructor a the Geauga Firearms Academy

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YouTuber - TheFireArmGuy - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch Review for his Kahr CW9 December 9, 2016 07:57

TheFireArmGuy - "It's a very nice setup (The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch)".

His review of the ExtraCarry has been released.

Video Link: Check it out here.

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ExtraCarry Mag Pouch Review by TheFireArmGuy for his Kahr CW9

Best Way Carry Spare Ammo Concealed - Ammoland Shooting Sports News - July 14, 2016 11:31

Ammoland Shooting Sports News - ExtraCarry New Product Announcement

The newly released, patent pending, ExtraCarry Mag Pouch is the newest and best way to carry spare ammo concealed.

It is lightweight and ambidextrous. Just slide it into any pocket and it looks unassuming just like any pocket knife with a pants clip. The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch securely locks into your pocket with its patent pending integrated clip. Your spare magazine is well hidden and rapidly available when you need it.

The ExtracCarry Mag Pouch is manufactured using strong and flexible nylon and has an integrated spring steel pocket clip. They are made in the USA with retail prices starting at $50. They’re currently available for the 1911 (7 and 8 round), Colt Government 380, Colt Mustang 380, Glock 17/22, Glock 19/23, Glock 26/27/33, Glock 36, Glock 42 and 43, Keltec 3AT, Remington Rm390, Ruger LCP, S&W M&P Shield 40 and 9mm, S&W M&P Bodyguard 380, Sig Sauer P238, Springfield XD(m) 45 and 9mm and the Springfield XD-S 45 and 9mm.

More variations are on the way.The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch provides a deep pouch covering the magazine’s first exposed round along with protecting the notch in the magazine which holds it in place in a pistol. No worries about foreign objects, like coins, dirt, debris, getting stuck between the magazine pouch and the magazine or dislodging a round that could easily cause a jam. Every Day Carry Items - New Product from ExtraCarry - Concealed Mag Holder

For more information you can visit:

About ExtraCarry:

The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch grew out of necessity. There wasn’t a good way to carry a spare mag concealed, especially if you wanted to pocket carry. The goal of the ExtraCarry Team: Bring to market the best mag pouch for deep concealment, without compromising the features required to carry spare ammo securely and ready to use in an emergency. With more than a year’s worth of field testing, continued design improvements and feedback from top industry professionals, we introduced the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch product line in 2015. We are always looking for feedback from the firearms community on what to design next. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to do a new design for something we don’t currently offer. If you have a custom idea we might be able to help with it as well. Let us know how you use your ExtraCarry Mag Pouch. We would be happy to mention it in an upcoming Blog post. I am sure our followers want to know as well.

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