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$ 55.00

The ExtraCarry™ Concealed carry pistol magazine pouch for your pocket.

Available for most popular pistols magazines.



 Concealed Carry your spare magazine in your pocket
Made with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Looks unassuming "like a pocket knife"
Securely locks in place
No exposed rounds to get dislodged or compromised by items in your pocket
Light weight and comfortable
Ambidextrous design
Fast access to your spare pistol magazine
Spare magazine located in the same place every time
Made in the USA
✔ Order With Confidence - 100% Money Back Guarantee (less shipping)


----- OUR GUARANTEE -----

At ExtraCarry, we strive to offer the top and high-quality products in the world.

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority.

We will provide outstanding customer service to assist you as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolutely Zero Risk.

A partial list of the Mag Specific Concealed Carry Mag Pouches from ExtraCarry:

M&P Shield Plus 9mm, Springfield 911 380, Colt 1911's (7, 8 and 10 round), Beretta 85 and 86, Beretta Nano, Beretta Pico, Beretta PX4 Storm, Beretta APX, Bersa Thunder, Bond Arms Bullpup, Colt Government 380, Colt Mustang 380, CZ-USA 75,CZ-USA P10C, CZ-USA 75 compact, FNS 40 Compact,  Glock 17/22, Glock 19/23, Glock 21,  Glock 26/27/33, Glock 30, Glock 32, Glock 36, Glock 42, Glock 43, Glock 43x, Glock 48, HK P30, KAHR 380, KAHR PM 9, Kahr MK 9, Kahr CM 9, Kahr CW 9, Kahr PM 40, Keltec 3AT, Keltec PF 9, Kimber Micro, Kimber 1911, Mossberg MC1sc, Remington 1911, Remington RM390, Ruger LCP and LCPII, Ruger SR 9, Ruger SR1911, Ruger lcp, Ruger LC9, S&W M&P, M&P Shield 40 and 9mm, S&W M&P Bodyguard 380, S&W Shield, M&P Shield, M&P Shield Shield, Bodyguard 380, Sig Sauer P226, Sig P229, Sig P238, Sig P250, Sig P365, Springfield XD and Springfield XD(m) 45 and 9mm, Springfield 1911,  Springfield Hellcat 9mm, Springfield XD 9, Springfield XD-S 45, Springfield xds, Steyer S9, Taurus PT111, Taurus PT709, Walther CCP, PPK 380 and the PPS M2

We offer over 125 mag specific version the the ExtraCarry Mag Pouch

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James K.
United States United States
Pretty good discreet mag carrier.

Well, its a good product. Well made and designed, But.... for what it is it is overpriced.

ExtraCarry™ - Concealed Carry Magazine Pouch

We are always looking for ways to reduce the cost. We do offer a Money Back Guarantee. Please contact our team if you would like to return your ExtraCarry Mag Pouch for a refund. The ExtraCarry Sales Team

John K.
United States United States
Fantastic concealment

Hesitant to buy due to the price. But carrying the extra mag has been a real pain plus rapid access was non existent. Until now. These mag holders are actually amazing. They conceal and when I practice my reloads, they are fast. Worth the money.

ExtraCarry™ - Concealed Carry Magazine Pouch

WOW!! Thank you very much for your vote of confidence and the five star review. We understand your concerns about the price and we are continually looking for ways to reduce production costs. The ExtraCarry Sales Team

David B.
United States United States
Hidden Carry is Awesome!

This is the best thing that has been developed for extra protection when carrying your gun. It allows you to conceal and extra magazine just in case!

Steven S.
United States United States
First time purchase.

I happened to see an advertisement for these and figured that I would purchase one as it seemed to be a novel idea. I strapped guns onto my body professionally for well over three decades and have a little bit of experience with the concept. These have exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase. EVERYONE I have asked what I had in my pocket has replied “ah, a knife?” None have correctly identified it as a mag holder. Great innovative product!!! Highly recommend.

ExtraCarry™ - Concealed Carry Magazine Pouch

WOW - What a nice review!! It's great to see that the ExtraCarry Mag Pouches continue to exceed the expectations of newest members of the ExtraCarry Family. Thank you for taking the time to review your ExtraCarry Mag pouch purchase.

Allan R.
United States United States

Works and fits very well