Walther PPQ 9mm - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch - Debuts Today April 19, 2016 06:37

 Walther PPQ 9mm - ExtraCarry Mag Pouch


The newly released Walther PPQ ExtraCarryTM  Mag Pouch, is the best way to carry your spare ammo concealed. It is lightweight and ambidextrous. Just slide it into any pocket and it looks unassuming just like any pocket knife with a pants clip.  The ExtraCarryTM Mag Pouch securely locks into your pocket with its patent pending integrated clip. Your spare magazine is well hidden and rapidly available when you need it.

You Tube Product Video: ExtraCarry Mag Pouch


The Black Man With a Gun Show - "Really, Really, Like It" - The ExtraCarry Mag Pouch April 18, 2016 19:23

We sent out an ExtraCarry Mag Pouch to Rev. Kenn Blanchard "The Black Man With a Gun Show", aka The Urban Shooter to get his feedback.  So far he says he, "Really, Really Like It".

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He will be posting a full review, stay tuned.